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Lollypop has a few tips to help make your party a success.  She can help you plan the type of entertainment, and the activities that best fit your needs.
Some children may be afraid of Clowns, and therefore she would suggest you having one of our friendly Face Painters, or Balloon Artist who are not in Clown make-up and costume

* Call Lollypop a few weeks to a month in advance before you send out your party invitations to be sure she is available for the day and time you need.

* Take notes as you make your plans over the phone with Lollypop, and be sure to write down her phone number, the day, and the time you scheduled her to come.  When you schedule a party with Lollypop, she plans to block out that day and time for you.  Please call her well in advance if your plans change so she can schedule another job at that time should you need to cancel.

* If you are unsure how your child will react to Lollypop, you might want to have a Face Painter and or Balloon Artist come out instead.  They are just as skilled, but do not come out in Clown Costume.

* Once you have planned, called, and scheduled your party with Lollypop or a Balloon Artist or Face Painter, they will need to hold that day and time for you with a retainer booking fee.  If your plans change and you no longer need our services, let us know so we will not turn away other parties.

* Plan to have us arrive at least 1/2 hour after your guests to be sure everyone is ready to start when they arrive.  Their time starts when they arrive as scheduled.

* Plan your party activities around the time you scheduled Lollypop to attend.  Plan what time she will be there, and block out that time to have the children free to participate in her activities.

* Lollypop plans on the time needed for each activity according to the number of children you tell her will be there.  If more children attend than planned, or if adults will be included in the Face Painting and or Balloons, more time will be needed, therefore some other planned activity may need to be deleted.

* Face Painting takes about 2-4 minutes per person.  Balloons take about 1-3 minutes each.  Count the number of children invited and multiply by how long each activity takes per person to plan on how much time Lollypop, Face Painter, or Balloon Artists will need to Face Paint, and or make Balloons for each person.

* Please remember Lollypop is an Entertainer.  She is there to entertain and be fun for the children.  Her supplies and apparel are professional and need to be taken care of.  Therefore all supervision and discipline must be provided by parents or host.

* Be sure to have a large enough area for Lollypop, Face Painter, or Balloon Artist  to entertain.  They will need at least a 8'x 8' space, and must be in the shade.

* Lollypop has many years of experience, let her help you plan a fun memorable party for your guests.